• Heaven on earth (part one)

    - 22 November 2015 -

    (26.10.2014, Peștera-Măgura) I might not be a believer, but heaven does exist and it’s just around the corner from Bucharest. We were fortunate enough to spend two days there and I have the pictures to prove it. Dear readers, I […]

  • I’ll follow you like a stray*

    - 28 October 2015 -

    (08.08.2015 – Refugiul Bătrâna) Last June we went on the same trail and we couldn’t see anything because of the miserable weather. This year we took my beloved Andreea and Dragoș out for an easy trek and we still couldn’t […]

  • We went, we ate, we came back

    - 27 May 2015 -

    (25-26.04.2015) We started late one Saturday afternoon from Bucharest and we arrived in the village next to Veliko Tarnovo at around 5. We left our bags in the room and went by car to the crags where our friends were supposed […]

  • Why climb?*

    - 28 February 2015 -

    This draft has been here for a very long time. I had started a couple of times to write some ideas but I never saved any of them. It’s such a big question, how could I even attempt to give […]

  • My favourite people in my favourite country

    - 1 February 2015 -

    (17-22.01.2015, Germany) On a foggy Saturday morning I boarded a plane that would take me to Germany. No, I wasn’t actually visiting my friends there – I was going there to be the godmother of Rareș, Andreea and Dragoș’s son. […]

  • Everything’s gonna be undone*

    - 25 August 2014 -

    (Brașov, 05.-06.07.2014) What did we do in the weekend when we couldn’t go trekking or climbing? We went to the adventure park in Brașov, visited the city and still climbed a bit :) We had LOTS of fun and we […]

  • Has it really been this long?

    - 5 August 2014 -

    (21-22.06.2014, Moeciu de Sus) This summer has not been kind to us at all. Every time we went trekking this year the weather was shitty – rain, sleet, fog – at Moeciu we had them all. The trek was simple: […]

  • Creepin in*

    - 14 September 2012 -

    I can’t believe that a new season has started. How did I miss this? I am too wrapped up in my work and my translation and I have shut myself indoors every weekend so I shouldn’t act so surprised… In […]

  • Ich will mein Leben zurück

    - 28 August 2012 -

    How can that city be so fucking amazing? HOW?!

  • Hello? Who’s that?

    - 4 February 2008 -

    I’ve just had the most embarrassing phone conversation ever! *dialing my parents’ phone number from back home* – Hello? – Mum? – Yes… – Mum?! – Yes! – You’re not MY mum! And I hung up. I should have apologised, […]

  • .

    - 16 November 2007 -

    And another thing: black tea without milk or coffee creamer tastes like shit :|

  • - 8 April 2007 -

    no no no it’s ovetr for good noooooooooooo i want him i know i do why????????? not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want him bacK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no, it’s too mych. i can’t take it. it’s just as it was with a;lex; no it’s even […]

  • - 7 April 2007 -

    He hasn’t written or called or talked to me on YM. And I’m standing here and crying my eyes out for someone who doesn’t want me anymore. How stupid can I be? But I wrote him an e-mail and told […]

  • Over.

    - 5 April 2007 -

    I never thought it would be this hard. I never thought I would actually cry. We broke up. This time he agreed that this is the best solution. I was kind of taken aback when I heard him say that. […]


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