• Can’t get enough…

    - 13 September 2015 -

    …of Veliko Tarnovo :)

  • We went, we ate, we came back

    - 27 May 2015 -

    (25-26.04.2015) We started late one Saturday afternoon from Bucharest and we arrived in the village next to Veliko Tarnovo at around 5. We left our bags in the room and went by car to the crags where our friends were supposed […]

  • The cats of Veliko Tarnovo

    - 23 April 2015 -

    (06-07.10.2014) When mum visited us in October we decided to take a small trip to Veliko Tarnovo. Like I’ve said here before, I like that city a lot and I’m planning on going there as often as I can. Mum […]

  • Велико Търново

    - 12 October 2014 -

    Ever since I went to climb there two years ago, I knew I’d go back and actually visit Veliko Tarnovo. It’s just 170 km away from Bucharest, the food is excellent there, the view is amazing – it’s definitely one […]


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