• Maramureș

    - 4 February 2018 -

    Two years ago in December we took a small break and went to visit my parents. My mum took us on a road trip through Maramureș and we had a great time! I think it’s a curse that I always […]

  • An afternoon with mum

    - 10 January 2016 -

    This Christmas I spent just one week at home. It was definitely not enough for everything I wanted to do. Yes, I saw my family and friends, yes, I went to the climbing gym there, yes, I went from second-hand […]

  • All right, let’s go back*

    - 31 May 2014 -

    I know, I know, this happened at the end of March and we’re practically in June now, so this means that I’m either very lazy or not in the mood to blog, but guess what, none of that is true. […]

  • But the world is spinning slower in my mind*

    - 2 February 2014 -

    (30.12.2013, Creasta Cocoșului) Creasta Cocoșului is where I took my first trekking trip ever. I was in the 7th grade and I went there with some of my colleagues and my Math teacher. It was something new and fun, not […]

  • Nothing will be the same again?

    - 1 November 2013 -

    Taking into consideration what has been going on in my family lately, I have the awful feeling that nothing will be the same again. I’ll be torn between a part of the family and the other and everything that I’ve […]

  • Till the end*

    - 20 May 2013 -

    This Easter, as I was heading back to Bucharest, I felt relieved. It was the first time I didn’t feel that I lived in two separate worlds at the same it. I was looking forward to getting back to MY […]

  • Has it been a day or a week?*

    - 7 March 2013 -

    Living in two separate worlds is not easy. But while packing and unpacking my suitcase once again I’ve realised that I should stop complaining and accept the fact that I can’t and don’t want to become estranged from my parents, […]

  • My new home

    - 20 December 2012 -

    My parents have finally moved into their house. To live in a house has been my Mum’s dream ever since I can remember. I am very happy for them, especially for her. But it’s so difficult to move from one […]

  • Sometimes I have this urge

    - 3 August 2012 -

    These days I’ve been thinking a lot about everything. I’m a bit stressed with the translation and the only way my mind knows how to deal with difficult things is to give me this urge to run away back home. […]

  • When in doubt, take the first train home

    - 29 July 2012 -

    I still can’t write about Berlin. It was such an amazing experience that I don’t want to talk about it from fear that once all the things have been said and written, there will be nothing left except a bunch […]

  • All the beautiful people

    - 19 April 2012 -

    Damn, time flies especially when you want it to stop. I’ve tried to make my days seem longer at home but I failed miserably. Whenever I looked at the watch it was either too late or I was late or […]

  • Is that Christmas morning creaks?*

    - 26 December 2011 -

    The best part of Christmas is the second day when my parents go to have fun at their friends’ place and I stay behind and I’m alone for a couple of hours. I spend 2 1/2 days with my family […]

  • C’est une belle journée*

    - 14 September 2011 -

    I can’t believe that Gabi, my Gabi, got married! And his was a wedding I couldn’t miss, I didn’t want to miss. We were almost desk mates in high school (meaning we were desk mates when I moved to the […]

  • Out for lunch

    - 1 September 2011 -

    This beautiful restaurant is close to Baia Mare but it serves mainly fish so it’s not my first option. Still, we spent a lovely afternoon there and we’ll probably go again next spring :)

  • Road trippin’

    - 26 August 2011 -

    My friends are definitely cooler than I am. Some climb mountains, others jump with the parachute, others travel around Europe and others have their own motorcycle and take me road trippin’. I’m not a big fan of cars or motorcycles […]

  • Back to the roots

    - 21 August 2011 -

    I am officially allergic to my hometown. And no, it’s not an euphemism. It’s the second (if not the third) time that I get an allergy hours after I have arrived here. I blame it on the clean mountain air […]

  • Easter came and went

    - 29 April 2011 -
  • Home?

    - 26 April 2011 -

    It’s been so long since I left but every time I go back there it feels like yesterday I was living there, going to high school, meeting my friends for a Coke (yes, I was a huuuge Coke fan and, […]

  • Let’s get this over with

    - 25 December 2010 -

    I am so fed up with eating, with having to make small-talk, with having to entertain people when all I want to do is go to bed. I thought that this year Christmas would be better, but it wasn’t. I’m […]

  • Just like when I was a kid

    - 19 December 2010 -

    You know that I hate winter, but these last days it hasn’t bothered me, quite the contrary. All this snow makes the city look nicer and it makes me feel like a kid again. Today we all went to visit my […]


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