• Maramureș

    - 4 February 2018 -

    Two years ago in December we took a small break and went to visit my parents. My mum took us on a road trip through Maramureș and we had a great time! I think it’s a curse that I always […]

  • When we still went trekking

    - 10 June 2017 -

    (07.2016 – Valea Rea) It seems that this year we’re focusing more on climbing trips, but I surely miss the mountains. So I dug deep down in my pic archive and found these pictures. They are from last year, when we […]

  • A day in Sintra

    - 11 March 2017 -

    While we were in Lisbon we decided to take a day trip to Sintra, an amazing city very close to Lisbon. We took the train for about 40 minutes (and I remember that we paid around 6 euro for a […]

  • Traveling back in time

    - 29 January 2017 -

    Some more Lisbon photos… It seems that I took A LOT of them, but since it’s so cold here I don’t mind looking at them again and again :)

  • Lisbon – again

    - 3 January 2017 -

    There were so many old buildings in Lisbon! And so unkempt. It made me think about all those lovely buildings from Bucharest that no one takes care of and that have such immense potential! But somehow the houses in Lisbon […]

  • Oh, Lisbon!

    - 11 December 2016 -

    So, a couple of quick words about our Lisbon trip back in July. We loved it there! It’s a biiiiig city, yet it has such a provincial vibe (in a very good way!). We were not impressed with the food […]

  • The loveliest apartment

    - 9 October 2016 -

    Back in July, when we visited Lisbon, we had the opportunity to stay in a very lovely apartment. Actually, it was amazing, not just lovely. It was in the old part of the city, in an old building which was […]

  • A quick stroll

    - 3 September 2016 -

    (14.05.2016 – Baiului Mountains) Before Claudia moved to Canada (we miiiiissss yooouuu!!!) we went on an one-day trek in the Baiului Mountains. I knew from Adi that the mountains are not high at all and that you have a spectacular view […]

  • Les Pezi

    - 19 February 2016 -

    (07.02.2016 – Lespezi) On that particular Sunday we woke up again at 5 a.m. By 6 we were picking up Julien and Carmen and with a trunk loaded with gear we headed towards Capra, hoping that we would find suitable […]

  • I’m trying, but I’m graceless*

    - 31 January 2016 -

    (24.01.2015 – Conacul Ursului) I had always underestimated to power of the first time until last week. Heck, the first time I went to the climbing gym it wasn’t about fireworks and butterflies in my stomach, but rather a rational decision: […]

  • An afternoon with mum

    - 10 January 2016 -

    This Christmas I spent just one week at home. It was definitely not enough for everything I wanted to do. Yes, I saw my family and friends, yes, I went to the climbing gym there, yes, I went from second-hand […]

  • Heaven on earth (part 3)

    - 20 December 2015 -

    It’s time to end this trilogy before the start of the new year :D I’m always making amends that I’ll blog as soon as I get back from one of our outings and then… well, then life happens. But who knows, maybe […]

  • Heaven on earth (part two)

    - 30 November 2015 -

    The Lensbaby pictures. (Damn, I haven’t used my camera – not to mention that lens – in such a long time. I hate it when I don’t have time to travel…)  

  • Heaven on earth (part one)

    - 22 November 2015 -

    (26.10.2014, Peștera-Măgura) I might not be a believer, but heaven does exist and it’s just around the corner from Bucharest. We were fortunate enough to spend two days there and I have the pictures to prove it. Dear readers, I […]

  • I’ll follow you like a stray*

    - 28 October 2015 -

    (08.08.2015 – Refugiul Bătrâna) Last June we went on the same trail and we couldn’t see anything because of the miserable weather. This year we took my beloved Andreea and Dragoș out for an easy trek and we still couldn’t […]

  • Can’t get enough…

    - 13 September 2015 -

    …of Veliko Tarnovo :)

  • Baby, did you forget to take your meds?*

    - 12 September 2015 -

    (17-21.07.2015, Bulgaria) Lately I’ve been so busy with everything (summer holiday, translating, work etc.) that I haven’t found the time to sit down and write about one of our last trips abroad. Last year when we went to Musala and […]

  • You’re just like a dream*

    - 12 July 2015 -

    (30.04-02.05.2015, Măcin) Eight of us decided to spend a long weekend trekking in Măcin, the oldest mountains in the country. We drove there, got out our backpacks and headed on one of the lightest treks ever. Being so old, these mountains […]

  • We went, we ate, we came back

    - 27 May 2015 -

    (25-26.04.2015) We started late one Saturday afternoon from Bucharest and we arrived in the village next to Veliko Tarnovo at around 5. We left our bags in the room and went by car to the crags where our friends were supposed […]

  • The cats of Veliko Tarnovo

    - 23 April 2015 -

    (06-07.10.2014) When mum visited us in October we decided to take a small trip to Veliko Tarnovo. Like I’ve said here before, I like that city a lot and I’m planning on going there as often as I can. Mum […]


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