• All the beautiful people

    - 19 April 2012 -

    Damn, time flies especially when you want it to stop. I’ve tried to make my days seem longer at home but I failed miserably. Whenever I looked at the watch it was either too late or I was late or […]

  • Mum, I’m home!

    - 13 April 2012 -

    Here I am with a Weizen next to my laptop enjoying my first day back home. The train ride was uneventful except the fact that I’m almost sure I was in the same compartment with one of my school mates […]

  • 81 days until…

    - 1 April 2012 -

    Sometimes I miss my family so much! Lately I couldn’t spend more than a couple of days in BM and that is not enough for everything I want to do: meet my friends, spend time with Mum, catch up with […]

  • Saturday come slow*

    - 22 March 2012 -

    *Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow

  • Alles auf Anfang*

    - 15 March 2012 -

    I have’t bought a book in ages! I have ordered books, I have downloaded books but I haven’t bought books. I miss going to a book shop and spending hours there, browsing through the titles, pick up the ones that […]

  • ‘Declaration of dependence’

    - 4 March 2012 -

    My therapist says I’m doing better, Mum says I’m in a better mood and Mum’s friends whom I’ve met have said that I’m looking great and that I look happy. And you know what, I’m actually doing great. It might […]

  • Unexpected

    - 22 February 2012 -

    Being organised and knowing in advanced what I’ll be doing is my way of dealing with daily chores and, in the long run, with the future. I know I can’t label, note down or predict everything but I feel better […]

  • I have a new toy and I don’t know how to use it

    - 28 January 2012 -

    I’m always in a very bad mood before and right after my birthday and I act like a total bitch. But then I get all these lovely things and for a second, just for a second, it feels good. Among […]

  • They can’t take that away from me*

    - 14 January 2012 -

    I’m blogging while a nice lady is cleaning the apartment. I should feel guilty for not doing it myself but we’ve come to the conclusion that our free time is more important than having a tidy place. In Baia Mare […]

  • Last weekend

    - 5 January 2012 -

    I want to write about Sibiu and the official end of the year (for me 2011 will end a bit later) but I’m already back in this crappy routine and I feel like everything happened a long long time ago. […]

  • Is that Christmas morning creaks?*

    - 26 December 2011 -

    The best part of Christmas is the second day when my parents go to have fun at their friends’ place and I stay behind and I’m alone for a couple of hours. I spend 2 1/2 days with my family […]

  • As long as I can go*

    - 21 December 2011 -

    These last two weeks have been horrible. I am overworked, overstressed, overunhappy. I though I could break free from the prison called work and do it on my own as a freelancer but all my dreams and hopes were shattered. […]

  • Climbing up the walls*

    - 26 November 2011 -

    This time I’m doing it the right way: not mentally, but physically. I haven’t exercised since I was in high school and even then I wasn’t very keen on going to sports but I don’t know what happened and I […]

  • !!!

    - 12 October 2011 -

    I am still amazed how I can go from being happy to being depressed in 2 minutes. How I let every fucking single detail ruin my day. I am over sensitive and I’d like to feel nothing for a change. […]

  • This time it will be different*

    - 20 September 2011 -

    Tuesday from 6 to 7 is my special time. I get to talk about whatever I want, I can cry as much as I want and I get to find out so many things about myself, things I knew but […]

  • A weekend like no other

    - 15 August 2011 -

    I have a theory: in order for all the working people out there to stay sane and not lose it during all those years of working from 9 to 5, a three-day weekend should replace the inefficient two-day one we […]

  • I.am.fine

    - 4 July 2011 -

    Oh my, oh my, how times flies when you’re doing nothing! I want to smash the phone when the alarm rings every morning at 7. I want to sue the heating company for providing water that’s colder than my body […]

  • Some things never change

    - 26 June 2011 -

    Take me for example: I don’t learn from my mistakes so I repeat them over and over again. I haven’t changed in these last six years. Yes, I wear more skirts and dresses but that’s a superficial change: I still […]

  • I want my summer back!

    - 13 June 2011 -

    I used to wait for the summer to come. I am fond of high temperature, I have plenty of T-shirts, I’ve learned to use sunscreen the first times I go out on a hot day so I am always prepared […]

  • Home?

    - 26 April 2011 -

    It’s been so long since I left but every time I go back there it feels like yesterday I was living there, going to high school, meeting my friends for a Coke (yes, I was a huuuge Coke fan and, […]


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