This Christmas I spent just one week at home. It was definitely not enough for everything I wanted to do. Yes, I saw my family and friends, yes, I went to the climbing gym there, yes, I went from second-hand shop to second-hand shop… but it was not enough. After almost ten years, I am still torn between there – where I can’t picture myself living anymore, yet I’m longing for that place – and here, where I feel I have my own home but something is always missing.

My mum is crazy about Christmas and when it comes to decorating she doesn’t really know where to stop. But I have to admit that I feel so good at their place. It’s such a warm house, full of colours and love. (Except for my room, which, come to think about it, has a rather cold vibe – it might be from the fact that my parents don’t use it and it is sad being empty all the time.)

My parents live on a hill and if you walk up from their house you reach a forest. I’ve heard that there are marked routes, but on that afternoon we simply went for a stroll. It was a gorgeous day, full of sun and alarmingly warm for the end of December, but it made our walk even more enjoyable.

So we walked and we admired the houses and then we went into the forest. We wanted to reach one of the peaks there, but it was an elusive bastard and every time we thought we were on top, it seemed that we still had to climb some more. Mum is not fit at all, but she was really good at keeping the pace.

We met some goats and sheep on our way back. Sometimes I have the impression that my parents have moved to the countryside – which is not really that bad :)

Homesick? Yeah, a bit.

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2 Responses to An afternoon with mum

  1. by Gracie on January 19, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    I think it’s a natural feeling….we are about to renovate my mil home so to be our daughter new home in a while. She’s so excited about that but I’m sad even if I know it’s just fair, and I’m not so sure about her feelings when she will be on her own…..we’ll see.

  2. by ionuca on January 30, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    That’s quite something! But I think it’s time for M to have her own home. Don’t be sad – she’ll still live close and I’m sure your close relationship won’t change :)

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