(17-21.07.2015, Bulgaria)

Lately I’ve been so busy with everything (summer holiday, translating, work etc.) that I haven’t found the time to sit down and write about one of our last trips abroad.

Last year when we went to Musala and Sofia we also wanted to reach the Koncheto Ridge, in the Pirin Mountains. The bad weather stopped us from going, but this summer we planned a new trip especially for that.

We booked a hotel in Bansko, which is almost empty during summer, it being a skying resort. We had the entire city to ourselves :) From a cabin not far from the city we started to go up. I was so out of shape and I felt quite shaky and lightheaded that I simply couldn’t enjoy the trek… I couldn’t find my peace of mind and I couldn’t see the beauty in the lovely landscape that surrounded me. I kept focusing on my weaknesses instead of trying to minimise and get over them.

I was a drama queen and I kind of ruined everyone’s mood (which only made me feel worse). I’m surprised that my friends are still talking with me :D Maybe the effect of the therapy I had a couple of years ago is wearing off and I should consider paying some visits to A.’s office.

(those tiny tiny colourful dots are people)

I knew the ridge part was going to be a bit sketchy but I had no idea that I would be scared shitless. Every step I took on the very narrow path made my heart beat faster and I was holding on to that iron cable for dear life. It was the same ‘what the fuck am I doing here’ feeling I had had when I was afraid to lead climb. My fear simply took over me.

I felt better on the way down (of course I did, I was still alive!), but because I was so slow and everyone had to wait for me, it took us about 10 hours to complete a trek which normally takes about 8 hours. Again, I am amazed that my friends didn’t abandon me on the mountain… (I wouldn’t have blamed them if they did!)

We left the next day and headed towards Veliko Tarnovo (yes, again! I told you I can’t get enough of that city – and, to be honest, the food there also pulls me like a magnet) and I’ll post some pics of the city another time… hopefully not next month :D

*Placebo – Meds

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2 Responses to Baby, did you forget to take your meds?*

  1. by Gracie on September 18, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Stunning place with an amazing view!

  2. by ionuca on September 28, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    @Gracie: looking back, I agree with you, but while I was there I couldn’t enjoy it… :)

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