(Valea Horoabelor, 20.09.2014)

There are still a couple of stories from last year left untold. At one point I’ve decided I want to document all my outings and I should stick to that resolution, so here goes nothing.

In September Adi still didn’t know why his ankle hurt and he was taking one of his breaks from climbing and trekking. I didn’t have any side projects and Bogdan was always ready for a new adventure so the two of us decided to take a chance on Valea Horoabelor.

This time I read as much as I could about this unmarked route and it still wasn’t enough. Actually, I had no idea what to expect. Some people encountered lots of water in the gorge, others had a very pleasant trek. We were lucky enough to go there on a sunny day and we found the route completely dry.

Finding the entrance of the route was quite tricky. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid in the beginning. It was my first time alone with Bogdan on the mountain and we were just about the enter an unmarked route, so yeah… lots of ‘OMG, if something happens to us here, no one will ever find us’ thoughts crossed my mind. The first part of the path is not that visible, but we were lucky to find that white and red tape all over the route. You can’t really get lost through the gorge, but it was reassuring to see that someone else had been there and had marked the route for us. So, thank you very much, nice people!

This turned out to be one if my favourite outing from last year. It was so peaceful and quiet! The day was incredibly beautiful and we experienced the change of the leaves – a tree was still green while right next to it another was almost completely brown. We both wished that Adi had come with us, but we made a promise to take him there this year.

But the most beautiful part was when we got out of the gorge and onto the Bucegi plateau. The scenery was crazy beautiful! I’ve been to different parts of Bucegi but then and there I thought they were spectacular.

Looking back it was quite a day. I’m planning of having lots and lots of days like that this summer. Bring it on!

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2 Responses to Looking back

  1. by Gracie on March 13, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Amazing scenario!!!

  2. by ionuca on March 20, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    @Gracie: Yes, the mountains are always beautiful :)

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