(24-25.01.2015, Cozia)

On the 22nd I returned from Germany, on the 23rd I celebrated my birthday by not going to work and on the 24th we embarked upon another trekking trip. I really wanted to go away from Bucharest, to be outside the city, and my friends were also keen on joining me, so we took Bogdan’s car and only stopped  when we reached the foot of the mountains.

Last May, when we went to Retezat, we expected a bit of snow but instead we had a true winter trekking experience. Now, in the last part of January, when I was physically prepared for winter, we had autumn! :)) Well, at least on the first day and in the beginning. At one point it finally started to snow.

The cabin there is quite big and we had a room of our own in the annex. And there was plenty of chopped wood so it was really warm and cosy inside, cause outside… well, outside it was blizzarding if I may say so. It started when we still had about half an hour to the cabin and it stopped the next day, while we were descending.

But it wasn’t anything extreme or potentially dangerous, it was just a lot of snow falling down. Like I’ve said, I wanted to experience another winter trek, one I’d be more mentally prepared for, and, yay, it happened.

Going down on paths that are covered in snow is the most awesome thing ever! I just used my poles for balance and mainly ran down the slope at full speed. Falling in snow while running is even better! The white fluff makes sure you don’t get hurt so all you have to do is pick yourself up and start running again. Boy, oh, boy, I can hardly wait to do it again!

On the way back we reached a point with a magnificent view and we all stopped to take tons of pictures.

I’m so happy that I can be with such dear people in these lovely outings! I really treasure our trekking group, so, thank you all for coming with me :)

*Jack Johnson – Better together

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  1. by Gracie on February 17, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Stunning photos!! beautiful place indeed

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