(17-22.01.2015, Germany)

On a foggy Saturday morning I boarded a plane that would take me to Germany. No, I wasn’t actually visiting my friends there – I was going there to be the godmother of Rareș, Andreea and Dragoș’s son. Crazy, right?! I still don’t know why they chose me and looking back I sometimes have the impression that it was all a dream… Except that it wasn’t: it was as real as anything and it was great! Rareș is truly a little bundle of joy. He is adorable, he laughs when I make faces, he didn’t pee on me, he gnawed my finger (it was such an intense feeling!) and he stares at you with his blue eyes until you have to cuddle him cause you can’t contain yourself anymore.

The religious service happened so fast! One moment I was holding him and mumbling prayers after the priest, the next moment we were taking pictures on the church steps. I know it’s cheesy to admit this, but being his godmother made me feel even more attached to him, to his parents as well. Which is such an amazing thing since Andreea is one of my BFFs and she lives so far away! But now we also have this spiritual bond to keep us close and if this is what it takes for friends not to drift too much apart, then, please, I want to be the godmother of all my friends’ babies! :))

Dragoș was home on his paternity leave so after the big day we visited Burg Hohenzollern. It’s a bit baffling to me to see that those young parents still have a life of their own. But they manage to integrate Rareș perfectly in their lives and in their schedule and with a bit of help from Andreea’s mum they make everything seem so easy! Rareș accompanied us and was veeeery quiet and nice throughout the trip. Of course he cried a bit from time to time, but I was expecting a 5-month-old baby to be… well, a cry baby! But not our Rareș! (God, writing about him makes me miss him even more! And no, I still don’t want kids of my own, but I’m very childish and childlike and I can get pretty attached to some little ones.)

My Martha also took a day off work and we spent Tuesday in Tübingen (one of the prettiest German towns I’ve visited so far). She spoiled me all day long: a walk through the city, visiting shops I remembered from my last time there, eating at an African restaurant (the food was AMAZING!) aaaaand going climbing in the evening! It was the perfectest day possible! :)

It seemed that the South of Germany was getting ready for a traditional celebration and very many cities were decorated accordingly. It was such a treat to look at all those beautiful houses and streets!

A day in Tübingen is definitely not enough to take in everything there. And now that Martha is going to be working in Berlin (such terrific news, actually!), I’m even more grateful that Andreea and Dragoș live so close to Tübingen, cause whenever I visit them I can also visit this incredible city.

On Wednesday, the day Martha left for a quick trip to Berlin, we went and visited Konstanz. I don’t know how these nations have managed to keep, preserve, restore etc. their historic buildings, but they’ve done a hell of  a job! Konstanz is a gem of a city, like so many in Germany!

Dragoș even joked about it. He said that since almost every city in Germany is so beautiful and so well preserved, then it’s no point in visiting them anymore cause they’re all the same.

(Yes, those berries were pink! I was desperately trying not to eat them…)

The next thing I’m about to write will come as a cultural shock to my Romanian readers, so please sit down while you’re reading this: in some of the DM shops they have a changing table for babies, equipped with tissues, cream, diapers – actually, everything you need to change your baby. For free. And no one takes more than they need for a change. Cause they are civilized. And my jaw dropped when I saw such a thing which I think it’s totally inconceivable in Romania. Cause, you know, so many of us are barbarians…

God, it was cold and windy that day! And Rareș was again a very brave kid and didn’t cry or anything! I know I’m redundant, but I’m not used to being around babies and I had the misconception that they cry as much as they eat, sleep and poop (which they also don’t do that often! Poop, I mean).

(Those painted houses! Just look how amazing they are! Look, look!)

Looking back… well, I guess that it’s obvious that I’m still hung up on this trip. There were so many good feelings, so many beautiful places, so many moments spent with the right people… But Adi and I have decided to visit Germany again this summer (do a bit of trekking with Andreea, Dragoș and Rareș), visit Berlin (OMG, Berlin for the third time, Berlin!!!) and I’m trying to focus on that, I’m trying to tell myself to count the days till I see them again and not count the days that have passed since I was with them :)

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2 Responses to My favourite people in my favourite country

  1. by Gracie on February 4, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Looooove all your pics!!! Really beautiful! I love Germany and Konstanz is really beautiful, I loved walking there and the lake was so peaceful….Glad you’re planning more trips.

  2. by ionuca on February 9, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    @Gracie: thank you very, very much! :)

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