(17-18.09.2014, Piatra Mare)

Martha really liked it when we went trekking in Romania last year, so we decided to go on another trek this year as well. We didn’t have that many days at our disposal and actually, thinking about it, whenever she’s visiting it feels like there’s not enough time to do all the things that we’d like to. So we asked Adi to plan a mini-trek trip and he took us to Piatra Mare.

I had never been to Piatra Craiului before and technically this was not Piatra Craiului either, but it gave me the feeling of the place. And there, in Piatra Mare, with a bit of fog when we crossed the small ridge, everything was perfect. But now I’m trying to picture the heights and the drops and the narrowness of the main ridge and, I swear, my palms are sweating even as I’m typing this! As much as I’m looking forward to going there next summer, I’m also dreading the out-of-my-comfort-zone feeling I bet I’ll have.

Everything is simple with Martha. She’s one of the most adaptable people I know! She is incredibly friendly and easy-going, not picky at all and so bloody nice! Honestly, we should clone her so everyone can have their own Martha! How the heck does she put up with me is beyond my power of comprehension! But I’m awfully grateful for that :)

Now I’m counting the days till I’m going to Germany. Martha and I are going to be Rareș’s godmothers :) (Rareș is Andreea and Dragoș’s baby. I haven’t met him yet, but I feel like I’ve been there with them, watching him grow and making him feel special.) We’ll have almost a week together, all of us, and I’m planning on making the best of it! We’ll talk and go bouldering and take Rareș out for strolls and talk and play with him and talk and talk! I miss my girls!

*The National – I Need My Girl


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