(25-27.07.2014 Cabana Negoiu, Custura Sărății)

Last year we reached Moldoveanu so this year we planned to reach Negoiu. Well, it’s easier said than done when the weather is totally against you. Really, this year we had the crappiest weather ever!

On the first day we just walked to the cabin. Except for a very pretty waterfall, the day was eventless. Although, I have to admit that the Negoiu cabin is one of the nicest I’ve stayed at! The rooms were clean, the people were nice, the guests were civilised. I simply shudder when I remember the hut from Omu and the one at Podragu. My God, they are horrible!

On the second day we started the trekking that was supposed to take us to Negoiu. Adi and I were very unfit. Last year we went trekking lots more and we also had fun 2-3 times a week at the climbing gym and I was really happy with my body. Now we’ve take a very long break from climbing (not that we wanted to, but it took the Romanian workers more than 2 months to change the floors in the gym!!!) and we haven’t been out in the mountains that much and it shows. I was so out of breath and from a point on almost every step I took up the hill felt like it was going to be my last.

This was my third time in the Făgăraș mountains and I’m still breathless when I see them. They are so huge and sturdy. I love how insignificant I feel when I go trekking, how my imaginary problems are all of a sudden stupid and small, how the only thing that matters is to put one foot in front of another and go higher, higher, higher.

Here, at Custura Sărății, the fun and the fear started. It’s an amazing ridge trek, where you have to climb up and then down and then up again. There are chains where the ridge is more difficult to down/climb, but until the rain started I loved every minute we spent there. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm roared above us so we had to get off the ridge asap. It was not that scary, but we didn’t want to take any risks with the lightning. We climbed down a slope and hid under an overhang. We stayed there for more than an hour. When we thought it was safe to go on we had to climb the wet slope and this was the most frightening part. The grass was wet. The slope was almost vertical. The rocks we tried to hold on crumbled in our hands. We crawled on all fours, held on to the grass for dear life and hoped we didn’t slip. In the end we made it back on the ridge, but that’s one situation I never want to experience again.

The rain was still falling, the ridge was, of course, very wet and slippery, I bumped my knee on a rock and that’s when I lost it; I started to weep because of the fear and the exhaustion and all I wanted was for that goddamned ridge to be over so we could return to safety. It was still raining when we crossed paths with the road that went back to the cabin and the boys supported my decision to turn back although we were a mere half an hour away from the peak.

I think I’ve said this before: for me, when I go trekking, the part that really matters is to enjoy the view, to be with my friends and to feel good. The peak is just the cherry on top, but in certain situations I really can do without it. Negoiu is still there – maybe next year we’ll be on top of it :)

*James Vincet McMorrow – Glacier

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  1. by Gracie on September 22, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Don’t ask too much to yourself, just act as you pleased doing whta you like, no matter what others can say or do…as someone ince said, Tomowwor is another day…

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