I know, I know, this happened at the end of March and we’re practically in June now, so this means that I’m either very lazy or not in the mood to blog, but guess what, none of that is true. Truth is, I’ve been busy, busy lately. I finished a translation, I’ve almost finished editing another book, I also had some other small projects, so yeah, I’ve practically had a job after my regular job. Sucks big time to work this much, but if I don’t work extra, I can’t afford all those lovely climbing/trekking trips. Rant over, I promise.

Like I was saying, at the very end of March I went to Baia Mare for the weekend. I never do that cause the train ride takes 12 hours and a weekend is veeeery short, but this was a special occasion: G., my dear dear cousin, turned 40 and L., his wife, threw a surprise party for him. G. has been in my family ever since I can remember. He was there on my first day of school, he was with us every Christmas and Easter, he bought me ice cream when I went with my aunt and uncle to visit L. and him in Cluj aaaand he never shouted at me or kicked me out of the room like L. did sometimes :p Apart from that he’s one of the most caring, trustworthy, nicest people I know, so, yeah, I really wanted to be there for him with the rest of the family and his friends.

Before going to the restaurant, Steve and his lovely soon to be wife, Andreea, took me for a short but lovely hike in the forest that starts from the park. We wanted to reach an area with some boulders (which we did), but I also really enjoyed the walk there and their company.

I can’t believe I lived there for 19 years and I didn’t make the best of it. I almost never hiked around in the forests there, I never went by bike anywhere (just by foot…), I didn’t really care much about anything except books and hanging out with my friends every weekend at the same bar. Silly me! (Just to be on the safe side: I don’t regret it, I just wish I had done more things.)

I can’t believe my Steve is getting married, although when he told me it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I’ve reached that certain age when my close friends are getting married one after another and babies are coming into this world and I’ll be a proper auntie, although most of them are very far away :( But it’s OK, I’m not panicking. We’re still us, a marriage here, a kid there won’t change our special relationship, on the contrary, I think it might just make it even stronger.

We had a lovely day together, even though I was a bit afraid when they climbed without a pad (I couldn’t join them on the boulder since my finger was still in a pretty bad shape). But they made it to the top and we had a lovely picnic and we bonded and everything was perfect.

In the evening we went to the surprise party. You should have seen the look on G.’s face when he saw us all there and realised what was happening – priceless! Like always, I stayed with the kids and had a blast! We even fooled around with helium balloons, and guess who started it? :D All in all, it was a very short, very intense weekend, but it was one of the best I’ve had this year.

I really miss everyone back home but I’m trying to think pink: August is just around the corner, right? And until then who knows what great adventures await me? :)

*Arcade Fire – Reflektor

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