• Saturday come slow*

    - 22 March 2012 -

    *Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow

  • Is that Christmas morning creaks?*

    - 26 December 2011 -

    The best part of Christmas is the second day when my parents go to have fun at their friends’ place and I stay behind and I’m alone for a couple of hours. I spend 2 1/2 days with my family […]

  • As long as I can go*

    - 21 December 2011 -

    These last two weeks have been horrible. I am overworked, overstressed, overunhappy. I though I could break free from the prison called work and do it on my own as a freelancer but all my dreams and hopes were shattered. […]

  • Climbing up the walls*

    - 26 November 2011 -

    This time I’m doing it the right way: not mentally, but physically. I haven’t exercised since I was in high school and even then I wasn’t very keen on going to sports but I don’t know what happened and I […]

  • *sigh*

    - 14 November 2011 -

    We might have come back from Germany, but I’m still thinking a lot about it: the way I felt there, Martha and Vio, the beautiful buildings, the Entschuldingung-s I’ve heard everywhere… Man, I’d move there without ever looking back! The […]

  • Zelda

    - 24 October 2011 -

    I dont know how you can carry around as much love as I’ve given you – (March 1919) And so you see, Scott, I’ll never be able to do anything because I’m much too lazy to care whether it’s done […]

  • Bloody blueberries!

    - 8 October 2011 -

    Every Saturday morning I go to the market. Although I seldom cook, I need to know that I have fresh vegetable in the fridge. So we went shopping and on the way home I saw a woman who was selling […]

  • Wie weit willst du gehen*

    - 26 July 2011 -

    Well, Vio came and went. We didn’t get to spend very much time together and I’m a bit upset about that but in the end it’s still OK: we got to talk late in the night, something which I hadn’t […]

  • Fun week ahead

    - 14 July 2011 -

    Finally, something good is going to happen: Vio is coming over so I’m taking days off from work. I can hardly wait to wake up at 10, cook breakfast, have a nice cup of tea, plan our schedule for the […]

  • Raised in the woods

    - 10 July 2011 -

    My mum is right. Sometimes (most of the times) I behave like I am savage, as if I were raised in the woods. I’m not socially handicapped or anything, I simply don’t like to make a big fuss out of interacting […]

  • I.am.fine

    - 4 July 2011 -

    Oh my, oh my, how times flies when you’re doing nothing! I want to smash the phone when the alarm rings every morning at 7. I want to sue the heating company for providing water that’s colder than my body […]

  • Some things never change

    - 26 June 2011 -

    Take me for example: I don’t learn from my mistakes so I repeat them over and over again. I haven’t changed in these last six years. Yes, I wear more skirts and dresses but that’s a superficial change: I still […]

  • I don’t feel like going out

    - 4 May 2011 -

    Since I don’t have to go to school anymore my afternoons have become really pleasant. I walk through the park with my colleagues because now I don’t have to rush anywhere. Then at home I cook something fast and after […]

  • ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’

    - 16 April 2011 -

    There are some days that start crappy and end even crappier. Work was OK, the exam was more than OK but from there on everything went downhill. We met L. and G., my cousins who were in Bucharest on business, […]

  • More News from Nowhere*

    - 2 April 2011 -

    I am good for nothing. I can’t do anything properly biking through the park is awesome but now I don’t have time to take pictures wtf is up with this weather??? Hello, it’s April, I want sun and +20 degrees, […]

  • „Mi-a zis să nu mă gândesc la ea.”

    - 4 March 2011 -

    „Domnișoară, dumneavoastră ce culoare vreți să fiți?” Andrieș e cel mai bun prieten al meu. Îmi ține companie în fiecare dimineață, de la 07:45 până la 08:50. În metrou nu pot să fiu prea atentă la ce cântă, dar în […]

  • Never wish for something

    - 13 February 2011 -

    …cause it might come true. All that complaining about having too much time on my hands and not doing anything productive turned against me. At least for two months I will be going to work from 9 to 5 or […]

  • All I need…

    - 15 January 2011 -

    …is a good cup of tea. But I can’t cause I’m not allowed to. I have to take some iron supplements and because of that I can’t have real tea, just herbal infusions. I’m OK with herbal infusions, but I’ve […]

  • Productive and yet not

    - 10 January 2011 -

    I have finished all my projects for uni. I still have 2 exams and 2 translations to go, but still, I have finished all the other things. Now I have the impression that I’m on holiday and I don’t have […]

  • .

    - 8 January 2011 -

    DEAN: So, how are you liking Moby Dick? RORY: Oh, it’s really good. DEAN: Yeah? RORY: Yeah, it’s my first Melville. DEAN: Cool. RORY: I mean, I know it’s kind of cliché to pick Moby Dick as your first Melville […]


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