• K.O.

    - 24 August 2009 -

    Nici nu au intrat bine pe scena ca am primit trei lovituri una dupa cealalta: There There, Lucky si All I Need. Am cazut la pamant si nu am mai putut sa-mi revin. Apoi au urmat alte si alte lovituri, […]

  • Back on 2 wheels

    - 1 August 2009 -

    Yesterday I got my bike from the bike shop. It has a brand new back wheel, so shiny and cute. But it also has some minor problems, something with not going as smooth as before, but heck, it’s more old-school […]

  • It’s always better on holiday*

    - 8 July 2009 -

    Although BM is definitely not home anymore, it surely does have its advantages: free good food, peace and quiet (sometime in excess), awesome puffy clouds, some special people. Up until now I’ve been living wonderfully lazy days; I’m reading a […]

  • Urma?

    - 5 June 2009 -

    Am fost, am auzit, mi-a ajuns. Noroc ca am albumele, ca pe la concerte nu cred sa mai calc degraba. Dezamagirea dezamagirilor :|

  • .

    - 15 May 2009 -

    The Parov Stelar was the first and last “electronic-DJ-whateeeever” concert/party I’m ever going to attend! From 9 to 1 in the night I waited for Parov to get on stage, while I had to listen to that awful music. By […]

  • .

    - 3 May 2009 -

    Bist du nicht müde, nach so vielen Jahren Weißt deine Fragen nicht mehr Kriegst keinen klaren Satz zusammen, redest wirres Zeug Erstickst an den Worten Setzt deine Träume aus an trostlosen Orten Wir sind Helden – Bist du nicht müde […]

  • Social skills – not dead

    - 5 April 2009 -

    Today’s conclusion is that it all depends on the people I met. With some I feel really good and I can be myself and thus have a great time, and with others I feel blaaa and really antisocial. I wish […]

  • .

    - 22 March 2009 -

    Thank God for the law of compensation! So, Persepolis + Cuba Libre + French music = one great Sunday. Coralie Clément – Samba de mon coeur qui bat

  • Fiindca ea nu e aici

    - 28 February 2009 -

    A inceput cu o Cuba Libre. De fapt, a inceput cu Fen ridicandu-ma in brate si invartindu-ma prin crasma. Apoi, din senin, m-am trezit cu Raul salutandu-ma. Am fost asa de surprinsa, incat primul lucru care mi-a iesit pe gura […]

  • .

    - 11 December 2008 -

    Celebrating my 4th day of listening obsessively to Bon Iver. 1 album, 9 songs, over and over and over again. And In the morning I’ll be with you But it will be a different “kind” I’ll be holding all the […]

  • Me and 10 songs

    - 8 December 2008 -

    So, I got a tag from Roxa and now I have to tell you about 10 obsessive songs and their story. Oh boy, this is going to be long and painful :) So, first things first, let’s start with my […]

  • I like

    - 7 December 2008 -

    I like the way we bump into each other when I least expect it. I like the fact that I have no idea what I want. I like the idea of just going with the flown. I like this trio […]

  • Instead of shaping my own dreams*

    - 27 November 2008 -

    Azi nu am fost Eu. Azi am simtit the winter blues Azi am fost deprimata. Azi am plans cand am iesit de la metrou Azi am plans si pe strada, cand m-am intors acasa. Azi mi-am amintit de cum stateam […]

  • .

    - 4 November 2008 -

    – Are we taking this robot with us? said Ford, looking with distaste at Marvin, who was standing in an awkward hunched posture in the corner under a small palm tree. […] – Oh, the Paranoid Android, he said. Yeah, […]

  • Toamna asta se poarta

    - 2 November 2008 -

    …pantalonii rupti la festivalul din vara, fularul lung si pufos cumparat din ultima calatorie, brosa portocalie de la ea, bretonul intr-o parte, conversii mov, wrist worms-urile de aceeasi culoare, parul portocaliu din nou. …Ane Brun, Madeleine Peyroux si alte asemenea […]

  • Coming from the top!

    - 16 October 2008 -

    Must.See.Thievery.Live.Again! It was AMAZING! You are The drug in my veins And I’m waiting To feel it again Thievery Corporation – Beautiful drug

  • .

    - 11 October 2008 -

    And my eyes they’ve got some vision that can see through many lies ah my eyes they look for better things the better things to see in life And my ears are wearing head phones that do play my favourite […]

  • .

    - 6 September 2008 -

    Games, changes and fears When will they go from here When will they stop? I believe that fate has brought us here And we should be together, babe But we’re not Macy Gray – I try

  • .

    - 16 August 2008 -

    “Do you dream?” So many times I’ve overflowed So many faces come and go I play my cards into the sun And try to work out what you are To me UNKLE – What are you to me? Man, it […]

  • On repeat

    - 1 August 2008 -

    After I wake up I’m cranky, cranky, cranky. There’s a fly in my room and uRMa doesn’t want to do anything about it. Nothing at all. I met some of the guys yesterday and I didn’t feel a thing, not […]


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