• Sehnsucht

    - 7 November 2008 -
  • Das Ende

    - 31 October 2008 -

    Oh, silly me! I forgot to tell you a very important detail: I love Kürbiscremesuppe!!!! I didn’t know such a soup existed, but once I tried it, I became an addict! Therefore, Marianne took me to a Kürbis Fest on […]

  • Das Wochenende

    - 28 October 2008 -

    The weekend started with Marianne taking me to KunstHaus and Hundertwasser Haus. The KunstHaus was really nice, but the tears came when I found myself standing in front of Hundertwasser Haus. I´m sorry, but art moves me to tears. Well, […]

  • In between…

    - 26 October 2008 -

    I have no idea what I actually did these last days, but I know that I´m dead tired. All this sightseeing and the really cold weather have really got to me. On Thursday Jen, Stefan and I went around the […]

  • Der Anfang

    - 23 October 2008 -

    I slept at Jen´s and we got up at 5:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, we arrived way to early at the airport and had to wait for more than 2h for our plane to take off. The Baneasa Airport is […]


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