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    - 9 May 2012 -
  • ‘The future hasn’t happened yet’

    - 3 May 2012 -

    I don’t know if I like Bucharest anymore as I find myself longing for weekends as far away as possible from here. It’s so refreshing to see new faces, new buildings, to breathe cleaner air, to eat in a new […]

  • They can’t take that away from me*

    - 14 January 2012 -

    I’m blogging while a nice lady is cleaning the apartment. I should feel guilty for not doing it myself but we’ve come to the conclusion that our free time is more important than having a tidy place. In Baia Mare […]

  • Last weekend

    - 5 January 2012 -

    I want to write about Sibiu and the official end of the year (for me 2011 will end a bit later) but I’m already back in this crappy routine and I feel like everything happened a long long time ago. […]


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