• I’ll go anywhere with you*

    - 8 August 2013 -

    (Tamina, 06.07.2013) Climbing trips are the best, especially when you go with the right people. And this time I went with my current climbing partner and two of my exes: we were a small group but we all knew each […]

  • And I still believe that I cannot be saved*

    - 6 July 2013 -

    (Ciucaș, 22-23.06.2013) I thought I was not the outdoor type. Then I remembered that in high school I went hiking with my friends a couple of times and I really enjoyed it. And, a couple of weeks ago, I went […]

  • Glittery weekend

    - 2 July 2013 -

    (14.06.2013, Târgoviște) Time spent with friends is never wasted – I have no idea who said that, but, boy, is (s)he right! Although Andreea stayed almost two months at my place, we never actually got proper time for a girlie […]

  • Cuba Libre ftw!

    - 12 June 2013 -

    I’m spending this weekend in Târgoviște, visiting Andreea. We’re planning on hitting the pubs and drinking lots of tequila, Cuba Libre and beer. It’s going to be a wild weekend! Next weekend I’m going hiking with 13 other people!!! I […]

  • A long, long time ago I can still remember…*

    - 1 June 2013 -

    …I went rock climbing again. I woke up at 6, wanted to go back to bed, defeated my laziness and managed to met up with Dănuț and Adiță. We laughed, talked and gossiped on the way there. We were all […]

  • Till the end*

    - 20 May 2013 -

    This Easter, as I was heading back to Bucharest, I felt relieved. It was the first time I didn’t feel that I lived in two separate worlds at the same it. I was looking forward to getting back to MY […]

  • Second time in Basarbovo

    - 24 March 2013 -

    Yes, yes, I know, I said that I wouldn’t go rock climbing without N. But when A. and D. invited me to go with them to Basarbovo this Saturday, I just couldn’t say no. Of course, I asked N. if […]

  • Acuarela

    - 21 March 2013 -

    This place is beyond fantastic! Str. Polonă nr. 40.

  • Has it been a day or a week?*

    - 7 March 2013 -

    Living in two separate worlds is not easy. But while packing and unpacking my suitcase once again I’ve realised that I should stop complaining and accept the fact that I can’t and don’t want to become estranged from my parents, […]

  • I sense a leak inside my phone now from all the lies that I have told*

    - 9 February 2013 -

    My life right now is perfectly monotonous in the nicest way possible. For the first time I relish the routine. I go to work and sometimes I get to read really interesting books, other times they bore me to death. […]

  • Girls’ night out

    - 3 February 2013 -

    I don’t have many friends, but I enjoy every single moment I spend with them.

  • On second thoughts, I’d rather hang around and be there with my best friend, if she wants me*

    - 5 January 2013 -

    While I was in Baia Mare I met M., whom I haven’t seen for two years. I also met A., whom I haven’t seen for three years. Our get-togethers were as wonderful as if we had seen each other every […]

  • My new home

    - 20 December 2012 -

    My parents have finally moved into their house. To live in a house has been my Mum’s dream ever since I can remember. I am very happy for them, especially for her. But it’s so difficult to move from one […]

  • That time of the year…

    - 13 December 2012 -

    … when I count the days till I take the train back home (I’m leaving tomorrow night!) …when I give/send lots of presents …when I’m smiling almost all the time Let the Christmas celebrations begin!

  • I’ve been dreaming of a broken heart since the day we met*

    - 27 November 2012 -

    While I watched him pack and leave I kept thinking: Is this what I really want? Why don’t I put a stop to this madness? Come on, don’t ruin this! But I wasn’t ruining anything… I was just doing what […]

  • Out of my bloody mind!

    - 21 October 2012 -

    When I started going to the climbing gym I was convinced that I would never go rock climbing. Only the idea of climbing higher than 6-7 m was enough to make me physically sick. I don’t think I’m afraid of […]

  • Bring mich nach Hause*

    - 30 August 2012 -

    It was extremely difficult to leave Germany and Berlin and come back to my life here. But all good things must come to an end, right? Well, I wish I could be the exception to that rule, but of course […]

  • Deutsches Technikmuseum

    - 27 August 2012 -

    Like I’ve said, we weren’t your regular tourists. We wanted to feel the city, not to just visit everything in our guide. So we walked a lot without paying too much attention to the map and in the end we […]

  • Es ist vorbei

    - 26 August 2012 -

    Kreuzberg is a fantastic neighbourhood. There were so many bar and cafés and restaurants that it was very difficult to choose where to eat or have a Weizen. And of course, all the waiters and waitresses were extremely nice and […]

  • „Berlin, du bist so wunderbar”

    - 25 August 2012 -

    How can I describe something that is definitely more than words can say? How can I make you understand what that city means to me?  Berlin is pure magic. It’s relaxed and pretty, it’s cosmopolitan, it’s green – of course […]


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