• Cuba Libre ftw!

    - 12 June 2013 -

    I’m spending this weekend in Târgoviște, visiting Andreea. We’re planning on hitting the pubs and drinking lots of tequila, Cuba Libre and beer. It’s going to be a wild weekend! Next weekend I’m going hiking with 13 other people!!! I […]

  • Acuarela

    - 21 March 2013 -

    This place is beyond fantastic! Str. Polonă nr. 40.

  • I sense a leak inside my phone now from all the lies that I have told*

    - 9 February 2013 -

    My life right now is perfectly monotonous in the nicest way possible. For the first time I relish the routine. I go to work and sometimes I get to read really interesting books, other times they bore me to death. […]

  • Girls’ night out

    - 3 February 2013 -

    I don’t have many friends, but I enjoy every single moment I spend with them.

  • On second thoughts, I’d rather hang around and be there with my best friend, if she wants me*

    - 5 January 2013 -

    While I was in Baia Mare I met M., whom I haven’t seen for two years. I also met A., whom I haven’t seen for three years. Our get-togethers were as wonderful as if we had seen each other every […]

  • That time of the year…

    - 13 December 2012 -

    … when I count the days till I take the train back home (I’m leaving tomorrow night!) …when I give/send lots of presents …when I’m smiling almost all the time Let the Christmas celebrations begin!

  • I’ve been dreaming of a broken heart since the day we met*

    - 27 November 2012 -

    While I watched him pack and leave I kept thinking: Is this what I really want? Why don’t I put a stop to this madness? Come on, don’t ruin this! But I wasn’t ruining anything… I was just doing what […]

  • TT

    - 14 August 2012 -

    At TT (Therapy Tuesday) I rage and ponder and sometimes cry and unload and ask existentialist questions and frown and move my hands a lot. I also laugh and drink delicious tea and feel relieved and get a new perspective […]

  • Hermannstadt, wir kommen!

    - 26 April 2012 -


  • 81 days until…

    - 1 April 2012 -

    Sometimes I miss my family so much! Lately I couldn’t spend more than a couple of days in BM and that is not enough for everything I want to do: meet my friends, spend time with Mum, catch up with […]

  • Saturday come slow*

    - 22 March 2012 -

    *Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow

  • Alles auf Anfang*

    - 15 March 2012 -

    I have’t bought a book in ages! I have ordered books, I have downloaded books but I haven’t bought books. I miss going to a book shop and spending hours there, browsing through the titles, pick up the ones that […]

  • Unexpected

    - 22 February 2012 -

    Being organised and knowing in advanced what I’ll be doing is my way of dealing with daily chores and, in the long run, with the future. I know I can’t label, note down or predict everything but I feel better […]

  • I have a new toy and I don’t know how to use it

    - 28 January 2012 -

    I’m always in a very bad mood before and right after my birthday and I act like a total bitch. But then I get all these lovely things and for a second, just for a second, it feels good. Among […]

  • As long as I can go*

    - 21 December 2011 -

    These last two weeks have been horrible. I am overworked, overstressed, overunhappy. I though I could break free from the prison called work and do it on my own as a freelancer but all my dreams and hopes were shattered. […]

  • .

    - 17 December 2011 -

    Ar trebui să-mi repet asta de zeci de mii de ori pe zi…

  • Zelda

    - 24 October 2011 -

    I dont know how you can carry around as much love as I’ve given you – (March 1919) And so you see, Scott, I’ll never be able to do anything because I’m much too lazy to care whether it’s done […]

  • !!!

    - 12 October 2011 -

    I am still amazed how I can go from being happy to being depressed in 2 minutes. How I let every fucking single detail ruin my day. I am over sensitive and I’d like to feel nothing for a change. […]

  • Bloody blueberries!

    - 8 October 2011 -

    Every Saturday morning I go to the market. Although I seldom cook, I need to know that I have fresh vegetable in the fridge. So we went shopping and on the way home I saw a woman who was selling […]


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