• It’s a dog’s life

    - 18 December 2010 -

    The train ride was horrible, but I’ve arrived safe and sound. There’s a lot of snow here and it’s still snowing. I have to admit, it’s quite nice. No snow pics yet. But I have some with a friend’s funny-looking […]

  • “I know I’m selfish and unkind”

    - 23 October 2010 -

    I know I should be more diplomatic, but I can’t. I know I should’t let my voice tone get all high-pitched when I’m talking to a stranger, but, again, I can’t. Thursday, as we entered in our train compartment, a […]

  • I am a city girl

    - 17 June 2010 -

    It was OK when I was little to go to my grandma’s and stay there for weeks. I didn’t mind the lack of running water, the toilet in the back of the yard or other inconveniences. Now that I’ve grown […]

  • Lately

    - 14 May 2010 -

    Lately I don’t have much to say here. My days are, with a few exceptions, all the same: I wake up, make breakfast, wash the dishes, waste my time online/do some school projects, sometimes I go to school, we come […]

  • A day in the countryside (1)

    - 11 May 2010 -

    I can’t believe that this year I went to Baia Mare once every month. It’s a bit too much if you ask me but there was no other way. Our last trip there (Hanna, him and I) was this weekend. […]

  • Lovely spring

    - 2 April 2010 -

    Everything is in bloom here! It’s soooo nice to be outside! I love spring, I love it, I love it, I love it!

  • Pfiu!

    - 8 February 2010 -

    After a horrible Friday and an awful Saturday morning, Mum gave in to my cousin’s insistent calls and they met. I know the arguments she used in order to convince her to get over me having a tattoo, but what […]

  • Sky, trees, pigeons

    - 5 February 2010 -

    I didn’t want to waste another sunny noon so I seized the day and walked around the city for about 2h. Then I met my sweet L., had a wonderful Chinese lunch and now I’m back home, but I have […]


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