• On second thoughts, I’d rather hang around and be there with my best friend, if she wants me*

    - 5 January 2013 -

    While I was in Baia Mare I met M., whom I haven’t seen for two years. I also met A., whom I haven’t seen for three years. Our get-togethers were as wonderful as if we had seen each other every […]

  • R&R

    - 10 October 2012 -

    I’ve know her since high school. As far as I remember, we met at a theater play. I had noticed her before (she was always so nicely dressed and she seemed so beautifully arty and bohemian) and I was glad […]

  • Goodb…

    - 3 July 2012 -

    I know that time flies when you’re on holiday, but this is ridiculous! I won’t complain about it, but I still think it’s unfair. The days spent with Martha and Andreea were so cool! I didn’t feel the need to […]

  • Living violently awesome days…

    - 25 June 2012 -

    The moment I set foot in this country I felt at home. On the way to Andreea‘s home from the airport, an old man looked at the reindeer antlers I was wearing (inside joke), looked at us, smiled and said […]

  • Балчик

    - 7 June 2012 -

    I spent 3 days with my parents and their friends and it was great! I’ve grown up hearing fabulous stories about all the stupid things they all did back in university and although I got to meet some of them, […]

  • .

    - 9 May 2012 -
  • ‘The future hasn’t happened yet’

    - 3 May 2012 -

    I don’t know if I like Bucharest anymore as I find myself longing for weekends as far away as possible from here. It’s so refreshing to see new faces, new buildings, to breathe cleaner air, to eat in a new […]

  • Hermannstadt, wir kommen!

    - 26 April 2012 -


  • Saturday come slow*

    - 22 March 2012 -

    *Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow

  • Hallo, Köln! Hallo, Bon Iver!

    - 6 November 2011 -

    I know the saying goes something like ‘third time’s the charm’, but for me it was the second time. The first time we were in Köln we stayed for a couple of hours. Now we had two full days to […]

  • C’est une belle journée*

    - 14 September 2011 -

    I can’t believe that Gabi, my Gabi, got married! And his was a wedding I couldn’t miss, I didn’t want to miss. We were almost desk mates in high school (meaning we were desk mates when I moved to the […]

  • Back to the roots

    - 21 August 2011 -

    I am officially allergic to my hometown. And no, it’s not an euphemism. It’s the second (if not the third) time that I get an allergy hours after I have arrived here. I blame it on the clean mountain air […]

  • Some days…

    - 24 May 2011 -

    … are simply perfect :)

  • Easter came and went

    - 29 April 2011 -
  • Ich werd niemandem sagen, wo ich bin*

    - 26 March 2011 -

    It feels like ages since we came back from Germany. The first days are always the most difficult ones, then I start to forget and moving there becomes just another impossible dream.

  • I am a city girl

    - 17 June 2010 -

    It was OK when I was little to go to my grandma’s and stay there for weeks. I didn’t mind the lack of running water, the toilet in the back of the yard or other inconveniences. Now that I’ve grown […]

  • Monday photowalk

    - 24 May 2010 -

    I’ve been wanting to explore the area at Piaţa Unirii for a long long time but I’ve never had the opportunity until now. We woke up really early this morning and around 9 o’clock we were on our way. That […]


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