• One day I’ll come back to you and I’d hold on to yourself *

    - 8 September 2011 -

    So many things, good things, are happening lately but I need to put my thoughts and feelings in order and I’ll probably try to be more coherent and write more from home cause, yes, I’m going back to Baia Mare […]

  • Finally!

    - 20 April 2011 -

    Today I had my last exam. I’m going to present my final paper in February, so until then buh-bye school! God, how I needed a break from it. Also, the weather seems to have come to its senses and we’ve […]

  • Three girls in Dortmund

    - 2 February 2011 -

    I got back from Germany two days ago but it took me some time to get to Baia Mare and recover from the journey (more about that in a different post). Why I went to Germany is not that important, […]

  • Overwhelmed

    - 23 January 2011 -

    24 and overwhelmed by what my friends gave me for my birthday.

  • Lovely spring

    - 2 April 2010 -

    Everything is in bloom here! It’s soooo nice to be outside! I love spring, I love it, I love it, I love it!

  • Is it Christmas already???

    - 7 December 2009 -

    I finished buying the last Christmas presents, packed them (oh, how awfully bad I’m at doing that :( ) and sent 2 of them. But I also received some today. The package from Radu was supposed to arrive way early, […]

  • K.O.

    - 24 August 2009 -

    Nici nu au intrat bine pe scena ca am primit trei lovituri una dupa cealalta: There There, Lucky si All I Need. Am cazut la pamant si nu am mai putut sa-mi revin. Apoi au urmat alte si alte lovituri, […]

  • On the road (part II)

    - 17 August 2009 -

    In the morning I’m leaving for Budapest and Prague. 10 days of walking around, taking pictures, having fun. It’s gonna be glorious! :D

  • On the road (part I)

    - 15 July 2009 -

    Oh boy, oh boy, I can hardly wait to get to Timisoara. I haven’t been this excited about going somewhere since a long time ago. I’m sure that Garana Festival will rock; now really, what can be more fun than […]

  • Free!

    - 26 June 2009 -

    I’m free at last!!!! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. No more stupid classes, not more god-like teachers, no more idiotic subject. I’m free at last!!!

  • Bike day!

    - 2 May 2009 -

    After today’s experience, with or without Mum‘s approval, I’m so buying a bike! I know I’m like a kid who has just received a new toy, but it feels sooo great riding a bycicle through the city! We were lucky […]

  • Heh

    - 10 April 2009 -

    The look on Mum‘s face when I showed up at the door 2 days earlier than she had expected: absolutely priceless :) It was an on the spot decision; Wednesday I went and bought the tickets and Thursday night I […]

  • Flowery Friday

    - 3 April 2009 -

    I’m such a whore for tulips! Today I bought 33 of them and 23 narcissus. I hate receiving flower, but I love buying them myself! And today I’m putting a new roll of film in my Zenit and taking pictures […]

  • Funny photoshooting

    - 28 March 2009 -

    With the permission of Roxa

  • That simple

    - 23 February 2009 -

    I’ve always been a “simple things” kind of person. Almost anything could make my day. But lately I’ve been wanting this one BIG thing; what exactly, that I don’t know. But I know my small things didn’t make me happy […]

  • .

    - 4 February 2009 -

    In seara asta ma duc sa-mi iau “haina de om fericit”. Promit sa nu mai injur pe nimeni. Oh boy, oh boy, KUMM, here I come! ^_^

  • Lomo, baby!

    - 24 December 2008 -

    Woo-hoo, my Action Sampler is here!!! It’s such a fun-plastic thingie! Ofc, the first roll *and maybe the second one and the third and…* will be a complete disaster, but I’m going to tame it one day, no matter how […]

  • Girlie stuff33

    - 25 November 2008 -

    OmG, I finally have a shelf for my teas! Woo-hoo! Me is happy! :D :D :D The only problem is that it’s white and I hate that colour. Any idea what kind of “paint” I can use to make it […]

  • It’s official!

    - 19 September 2008 -

    Text message from Mum: “Ioana, you have to see Barcelona. It’s simply amazing!” Reply: “I will, Mum!” *sooner than you think :D* He booked the plane tickets, I bought the concert tickets for Sigur Rós. We’re going to Barcelona! Hell, […]

  • Happy!

    - 7 September 2008 -

    It’s settled: I’m going to Vienna at the end of October :D Stefan, Marianne, can hardly wait to see you again! >:D<


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