• Home?

    - 26 April 2011 -

    It’s been so long since I left but every time I go back there it feels like yesterday I was living there, going to high school, meeting my friends for a Coke (yes, I was a huuuge Coke fan and, […]

  • More News from Nowhere*

    - 2 April 2011 -

    I am good for nothing. I can’t do anything properly biking through the park is awesome but now I don’t have time to take pictures wtf is up with this weather??? Hello, it’s April, I want sun and +20 degrees, […]

  • FML*

    - 3 November 2010 -

    I can’t pull myself together to start working on this book. I don’t know if it’s work, if it’s an internship. I don’t know why I’m so scared of this, it’s not like my life’s depending on it. But I’m […]

  • .

    - 16 October 2010 -

    It is interesting to note that they are right who regard the dream as foretelling the future. Although the future which the dream shows us is not that which will occur, but that which we would like to occur. Folk […]

  • Where are you, Mr. Freud?

    - 21 June 2010 -

    All my fears and insecurities come to life during nighttime. In my dreams, the ones close to me always hurt me: they let me wait for them in the rain without ever showing up, they run from me, they don’t […]

  • It’s not Monday, but who cares?

    - 27 April 2010 -

    I have to admit I envy those girls who feel so good being themselves that they post almost a pic/day with what they’re wearing, tons of pictures with them at parties, meeting with friends etc, and a couple of other […]

  • Picnic

    - 22 March 2010 -

    On her last day here we went out for a picnic. We went to the Tineretului Park and found ourselves a nice place, ‘far from the madding crowd’. We had so much stuff to eat and drink: pancakes, pretzels, Haribo, […]

  • Plans

    - 27 February 2010 -

    I hate making plans. I daydream, but I hate plans. Why make them when you can’t control what’s going to happen? I want to believe that my phobia of making plans is something rational, but I have a hunch it’s […]

  • .

    - 17 February 2010 -

    Truth is we’re all so fucked-up.

  • Fucked

    - 4 February 2010 -

    I knew she wouldn’t take it too well, but this is worse than I have imagined. From what I understand, telling her that I’m pregnant wouldn’t have been such a shock than telling her about my tattoo. I swear I […]

  • Goddamned time

    - 19 January 2010 -

    It’s funny, when you’re a child you think time will never go by, but when you hit about twenty, time passes like you’re on the fast train to Memphis. I guess life just slips up on everybody. It sure did […]

  • Me and whose army?*

    - 19 December 2009 -

    Old crushes don’t live anymore where they used to so it’s ok for me to take a look at a certain balcony on the 4th floor. Old friends don’t mean anything to me anymore so it’s ok to pass daily […]

  • Girlie stuff49

    - 17 November 2009 -

    Yes, it comes and goes, but it doesn’t disappear. It’s always there, whether I like it or not, whether I want it to be there or not. And because this thing, this combination of regret and longing, makes me physically […]

  • Change!

    - 6 November 2009 -

    In House M.D. everyone is telling House he has to change or he’ll end up alone. People, he’s 50 already, no kids, no close family, no real friends, how more alone do you think a person can get? What I […]

  • .

    - 5 October 2009 -

    I wish I knew why it feels so bad being here now. Maybe it’s the autumn with its icy wind and empty streets. Or maybe it’s just that I miss high school. One thing I know for sure: I don’t […]

  • Unele dimineti nu ar trebui sa existe

    - 16 September 2009 -

    Nu mi se pare normal, si nici sanatos, si nici corect, ca eu sa-i trimit un mesaj la sfarsitul lui iunie si el sa nu-mi raspunda. Si sa ma gandesc toata vara la ce face si daca ii este bine. […]

  • K.O.

    - 24 August 2009 -

    Nici nu au intrat bine pe scena ca am primit trei lovituri una dupa cealalta: There There, Lucky si All I Need. Am cazut la pamant si nu am mai putut sa-mi revin. Apoi au urmat alte si alte lovituri, […]

  • Back on 2 wheels

    - 1 August 2009 -

    Yesterday I got my bike from the bike shop. It has a brand new back wheel, so shiny and cute. But it also has some minor problems, something with not going as smooth as before, but heck, it’s more old-school […]

  • Cum sa NU circuli cu bicicleta

    - 29 July 2009 -

    Baia Mare, oras mic de provincie in care nu se intampla nimic, oh ce plictisitor e aici, ce lejer e pe strazi, ce de biciclisti, ce fain te poti da cu bitza – am tot spus blablaurile astea si chiar […]

  • The art of being alone

    - 25 July 2009 -

    It’s not easy, it’s not easy at all being alone. Yeah, you’ve got independence, you can be as selfish as you want, but it’s still not easy. You wake up in the morning and think: ‘I’ve got a full day […]


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