• Baby, did you forget to take your meds?*

    - 12 September 2015 -

    (17-21.07.2015, Bulgaria) Lately I’ve been so busy with everything (summer holiday, translating, work etc.) that I haven’t found the time to sit down and write about one of our last trips abroad. Last year when we went to Musala and […]

  • And I was someone else, I was something good*

    - 19 September 2014 -

    (25-27.07.2014 Cabana Negoiu, Custura Sărății) Last year we reached Moldoveanu so this year we planned to reach Negoiu. Well, it’s easier said than done when the weather is totally against you. Really, this year we had the crappiest weather ever! […]

  • What might have been lost*

    - 1 July 2014 -

    (07-09.06.2014, Sohodol; 14.06.2014, Poiana Stânii) I am a coward. I am one of the weakest people I know. I love climbing, but I’m scared shitless to lead climb. Last summer I had more guts, I lead climbed almost every time […]

  • Panique aux fanatiques tac tic tac tic*

    - 5 June 2014 -

    (01.-04.05.2014, Retezat, cabana Pietrele) I was soooo happy to go on this trek trip! I had spent my weekends translating and the night before we left I sent in my translation and I felt free and happy. A huge stone […]

  • Nothing will be the same again?

    - 1 November 2013 -

    Taking into consideration what has been going on in my family lately, I have the awful feeling that nothing will be the same again. I’ll be torn between a part of the family and the other and everything that I’ve […]

  • Till the end*

    - 20 May 2013 -

    This Easter, as I was heading back to Bucharest, I felt relieved. It was the first time I didn’t feel that I lived in two separate worlds at the same it. I was looking forward to getting back to MY […]

  • Has it been a day or a week?*

    - 7 March 2013 -

    Living in two separate worlds is not easy. But while packing and unpacking my suitcase once again I’ve realised that I should stop complaining and accept the fact that I can’t and don’t want to become estranged from my parents, […]

  • I sense a leak inside my phone now from all the lies that I have told*

    - 9 February 2013 -

    My life right now is perfectly monotonous in the nicest way possible. For the first time I relish the routine. I go to work and sometimes I get to read really interesting books, other times they bore me to death. […]

  • I’ve been dreaming of a broken heart since the day we met*

    - 27 November 2012 -

    While I watched him pack and leave I kept thinking: Is this what I really want? Why don’t I put a stop to this madness? Come on, don’t ruin this! But I wasn’t ruining anything… I was just doing what […]

  • .

    - 6 November 2012 -

    A new era is about to begin. I am scared shitless. And a bit curious and anxious. It’s 12 grade all over again…

  • Bring mich nach Hause*

    - 30 August 2012 -

    It was extremely difficult to leave Germany and Berlin and come back to my life here. But all good things must come to an end, right? Well, I wish I could be the exception to that rule, but of course […]

  • Sometimes I have this urge

    - 3 August 2012 -

    These days I’ve been thinking a lot about everything. I’m a bit stressed with the translation and the only way my mind knows how to deal with difficult things is to give me this urge to run away back home. […]

  • June

    - 1 June 2012 -

    I have no idea how June came so fast! 21 more days and I’ll be blogging from Germany. Five more months and I’ll have to hand in the translation I’m working on. Six more months and we’ll enter another year. […]

  • A.’s new beginning

    - 12 February 2012 -

    There are things happening in my friends’ lives that make me both very happy and a bit sad. I am happy for every good thing that happens to them, for every dream come true, but when that dream is moving […]

  • .

    - 8 February 2012 -

    25, depressed, frustrated and tired.

  • Ich glaub, du träumst die Träume anderer Leute*

    - 23 January 2012 -

    I am incapable of being content. Not happy – content. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be someone else. Not to have what someone has, but to be them. No matter how many things I buy, how […]

  • Last weekend

    - 5 January 2012 -

    I want to write about Sibiu and the official end of the year (for me 2011 will end a bit later) but I’m already back in this crappy routine and I feel like everything happened a long long time ago. […]

  • Is that Christmas morning creaks?*

    - 26 December 2011 -

    The best part of Christmas is the second day when my parents go to have fun at their friends’ place and I stay behind and I’m alone for a couple of hours. I spend 2 1/2 days with my family […]

  • As long as I can go*

    - 21 December 2011 -

    These last two weeks have been horrible. I am overworked, overstressed, overunhappy. I though I could break free from the prison called work and do it on my own as a freelancer but all my dreams and hopes were shattered. […]

  • .

    - 17 December 2011 -

    Ar trebui să-mi repet asta de zeci de mii de ori pe zi…


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