• The cats of Veliko Tarnovo

    - 23 April 2015 -

    (06-07.10.2014) When mum visited us in October we decided to take a small trip to Veliko Tarnovo. Like I’ve said here before, I like that city a lot and I’m planning on going there as often as I can. Mum […]

  • Looking back

    - 6 March 2015 -

    (Valea Horoabelor, 20.09.2014) There are still a couple of stories from last year left untold. At one point I’ve decided I want to document all my outings and I should stick to that resolution, so here goes nothing. In September […]

  • Why climb?*

    - 28 February 2015 -

    This draft has been here for a very long time. I had started a couple of times to write some ideas but I never saved any of them. It’s such a big question, how could I even attempt to give […]

  • Better together*

    - 14 February 2015 -

    (24-25.01.2015, Cozia) On the 22nd I returned from Germany, on the 23rd I celebrated my birthday by not going to work and on the 24th we embarked upon another trekking trip. I really wanted to go away from Bucharest, to […]

  • My favourite people in my favourite country

    - 1 February 2015 -

    (17-22.01.2015, Germany) On a foggy Saturday morning I boarded a plane that would take me to Germany. No, I wasn’t actually visiting my friends there – I was going there to be the godmother of Rareș, Andreea and Dragoș’s son. […]

  • I need my girl*

    - 12 December 2014 -

    (17-18.09.2014, Piatra Mare) Martha really liked it when we went trekking in Romania last year, so we decided to go on another trek this year as well. We didn’t have that many days at our disposal and actually, thinking about […]

  • The last part of the Bulgarian trilogy

    - 5 December 2014 -

    (13-15.09.2014, Sofia) Sorry folks, we had some technical problems (why do hackers care about this lousy blog?!), but now, thanks to the help of a very very patient friend, we’re back in business :) So, Sofia… First of all, I […]

  • Boulderland

    - 7 November 2014 -

    The climbing gyms in Bucharest are nice but they’re kinda boring. So when I entered Boulderland, I thought I entered bouldering heaven. Yeah, we definitely had a GREAT time there :)  

  • 2925 m

    - 19 October 2014 -

    (12-13.09.2014) This was one of the best holidays ever. I think it had something to do with the people: Martha came all the way from Germany to be with us; Nicu, Bogdan, Dana and Roxana are our BFF from the […]

  • Велико Търново

    - 12 October 2014 -

    Ever since I went to climb there two years ago, I knew I’d go back and actually visit Veliko Tarnovo. It’s just 170 km away from Bucharest, the food is excellent there, the view is amazing – it’s definitely one […]

  • And I was someone else, I was something good*

    - 19 September 2014 -

    (25-27.07.2014 Cabana Negoiu, Custura Sărății) Last year we reached Moldoveanu so this year we planned to reach Negoiu. Well, it’s easier said than done when the weather is totally against you. Really, this year we had the crappiest weather ever! […]

  • Everything’s gonna be undone*

    - 25 August 2014 -

    (Brașov, 05.-06.07.2014) What did we do in the weekend when we couldn’t go trekking or climbing? We went to the adventure park in Brașov, visited the city and still climbed a bit :) We had LOTS of fun and we […]

  • Has it really been this long?

    - 5 August 2014 -

    (21-22.06.2014, Moeciu de Sus) This summer has not been kind to us at all. Every time we went trekking this year the weather was shitty – rain, sleet, fog – at Moeciu we had them all. The trek was simple: […]

  • What might have been lost*

    - 1 July 2014 -

    (07-09.06.2014, Sohodol; 14.06.2014, Poiana Stânii) I am a coward. I am one of the weakest people I know. I love climbing, but I’m scared shitless to lead climb. Last summer I had more guts, I lead climbed almost every time […]

  • Panique aux fanatiques tac tic tac tic*

    - 5 June 2014 -

    (01.-04.05.2014, Retezat, cabana Pietrele) I was soooo happy to go on this trek trip! I had spent my weekends translating and the night before we left I sent in my translation and I felt free and happy. A huge stone […]

  • All right, let’s go back*

    - 31 May 2014 -

    I know, I know, this happened at the end of March and we’re practically in June now, so this means that I’m either very lazy or not in the mood to blog, but guess what, none of that is true. […]

  • Debrecen in December

    - 16 March 2014 -

    The last three days of 2013 were rather busy. We went to the mountains, we met my friends in Baia Mare and we took a small road trip to Debrecen with my parents. Debrecen is the second largest city in […]

  • But the world is spinning slower in my mind*

    - 2 February 2014 -

    (30.12.2013, Creasta Cocoșului) Creasta Cocoșului is where I took my first trekking trip ever. I was in the 7th grade and I went there with some of my colleagues and my Math teacher. It was something new and fun, not […]

  • Words can never make up for what you do*

    - 5 January 2014 -

    It’s 2014 already and I have so many stories to tell from 2013! It was a fabulous year for me, one of the best so far, and I am eager to write everything down so I don’t forget it. On […]

  • I am a passenger and I ride and I ride*

    - 8 December 2013 -

    One sunny September morning we got in the car, picked up Bogdan and Rudy, and then drove all the way to Bușteni so we could trek all the way up on Valea Albă. I had absolutely no idea what I […]


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