(2-4.08.2013, Podragu, Moldoveanu)

At the beginning of August Adi and Bogdan planned another trekking trip and of course I tagged along. I am really sorry for the guys, but now that I’ve discovered how much I like this weekend activity, they don’t have the option not to take me :D

The weather was spectacular on our way to Podragu hut. The Făgăraș mountains are so impressive! And the combination of grey stone and vivid green vegetation is spectacular! I could sit and just admire that landscape for days in a row.

On a mountain peak, just before we took a long and well-deserved break, we met the coolest and loveliest couple. They were in their fifties, but still incredibly fit; they were so nice and so talkative! We found out that they had been trekking since they were young and that their son is a hardcore mountaineer. I have no idea how happy they are together, but high on the mountain they seemed to know the secret for the perfect relationship. We also met a 75-year-old man (if I remember correctly) who is constantly climbing mountains. His treks are bloody insane! He starts early in the morning from Bâlea, goes all the way to Moldoveanu, climbs down at night and then drives back to Sibiu. It takes him about 16h to complete such a trek and he does it almost every weekend. He left us speechless.

The Podragu hut is a horrible place to spend the night. Even though they charge a lot for accommodations and the food&drink might leave you without a penny, they don’t invest in the hut. Paint was coming off the walls, the beds were old and shabby, everything except the large dinning room was in an awful state. I hope that was my first and last time there.

As for reaching the Moldoveanu peak, well, taking into consideration that it was foggy and bloody cold, it wasn’t such a great thing :)) But, taking into consideration that Adi made me free solo a part of the peak because he couldn’t see the trail, in the end I was grateful for the fog, otherwise I would have stopped in the middle of the climb and refused to move. Crisis averted, I still believe that I enjoy more the ride and the trek than actually reaching the peak. It’s more fulfilling to be with good friends and meet nice people on the way to the top than to be set on arriving and not enjoying the ride.

*Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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  1. by Gracie on October 7, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    The place is amazing!!!

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