Damn, time flies especially when you want it to stop. I’ve tried to make my days seem longer at home but I failed miserably. Whenever I looked at the watch it was either too late or I was late or it was time I went home. There are a few friends I did’t get to meet and I still feel I haven’t spent as much time as possible with my relatives. I need more time!

Whenever I went out with Steve on his motorcycle I felt safe. I knew that nothing bad could happen, I felt that he was in control and that he was taking care of me. And whenever he brought me back home I was smiling from ear to ear. It’s such a beautiful friendship we have, it’s so comforting to have someone who knows me for such a long time, someone with whom I feel so safe, so good.

How do people cope with raising children? You know I am crazy about my niece but even she can get on my nerves if we spend too much time together. Add her brother to the combination and I’m literally going crazy! How can you have the patience to tell them ‘no’ over and over again? How can you not be mad when they fight and don’t want to share? Where can you hide when you want to be alone but they won’t let you? Who decides what channel you watch on TV? How many game can one invent and what do you when you, the adult, get tired of playing with them and you want to stop but they are begging you to continue? I’ve started to miss them the moment I left the house and I’d love to play with them right now but it’s clear that I don’t want to see them every day, that I can’t care about someone else more than I care about myself. But I’m OK with it.

Meeting Gabi and Alexandra made me very happy. They are so sweet and so in love! We didn’t have that much time (oh, this time is killing me!) to catch up but they said something about coming to Bucharest so I’m really looking forward to showing them the city and staying out late and chat.

I’ve met/connected with such nice people lately! It’s amazing to talk to someone new and feel like you’ve know them for years! And it feels great to admire and like someone and find out that they think you’re not too bad yourself :) People are definitely the ones who bring me down but when I happen to meet GREAT people it feels like Christmas morning :)


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3 Responses to All the beautiful people

  1. by Ally on April 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Loving yourself more than the others and being selfish with your own time is sooooo allowed :))

  2. by Gracie on April 23, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Nice to see you are doing great and having good vibes….

  3. by ionuca on April 24, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    @Ally: good to know! I feel more relieved :)

    @Gracie: yeah, I’m doing pretty well :)

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